Hibernation FAQ

Why is Beau’s Pet Hotel closing?

At Beau’s Pet Hotel, we always put the health and safety of our pets, customers and staff first. It’s with this in mind that we’ve made the very difficult decision to go into hibernation, and play our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

We want to reassure you this period of hibernation is a temporary measure designed to ensure the long-term future of Beau’s Pet Hotel and our ability to support the valuable work of Guide Dogs.

We love taking care of your furry friends! We have been doing everything possible to maintain a safe environment in line with government regulations, but in these unprecedented times we’re sharing the important message to #stayhome.

While necessary, the current travel restrictions and social distancing measures also mean Beau’s Pet Hotel has experienced a significant decrease in bookings and is unable to continue business as usual right now. If you have an existing booking with us, our customer service team will be in touch with you soon.

It’s more important than ever to stay connected. Follow our digital channels for updates, photos that will make you smile, and some helpful tips for your pet’s #staycation.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you and your beautiful best friends at Beau’s Pet Hotel again in the future.

Are you planning on reopening, if so when?

Yes, definitely! With the high level of uncertainty, we are planning on a November 2020 reopening. However, should the State and Federal travel and social restrictions ease, we will certainly reopen earlier.

Will you contact me when you reopen?

Absolutely, all our clients will receive an email informing them of our reopening. Also, keep an eye on our website and social media platforms.

I have a future boarding booking, will I receive a refund?

We are contacting all future boarding bookings in chronological order up to October 2020 to offer a refund or credit of the deposit made.

I have a credit, is there an expiration date?

All credits will last for one year from the date of cancellation.

I cancelled my booking due to COVID-19 before Beau’s closed and received a credit, how long does my credit last?

All credits will be held on file for one year from the date of cancellation.

If you cancel my booking but then you reopen, do I need to rebook?

Yes, you will need to rebook via our website, phone or email.

Can I make a future booking?

We would love to have your furry friend stay with us when we reopen. For all enquiries regarding a future tentative booking beyond November 2020, please send us an email to info@beaus.org.au.

What happens to my DayCare Package?

All outstanding DayCare Packages will remain on your file and the expiration date will be extended from the date of reopen.

Can I still contact you?

Absolutely, our phones are being monitored Monday to Friday during our new business hours. Alternatively, you can send us an email to info@beaus.org.au.

What are Beau’s new business hours?

During hibernation, our new business hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

How can I keep up to date with Beaus Pet Hotel?

Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for regular updates.

Can I still come for a tour?

Unfortunately no as our business is closed and in hibernation. Please head to our virtual tour page to have a look around and view our suites on offer.