Beau's Top Tips for an Enjoyable Christmas

December 22nd, 2020 10:40

Christmas time is upon us once again! While it’s great to involve your fury friends in the celebrations, it’s important to keep them protected. The best gift for your pet this season is a safe and happy Christmas.

If your pet isn’t staying with Beau’s this holiday season, here are our top tips to ensure they enjoy the holiday season at home. 

1. Avoid using candles

Lit candles can easily be knocked over during all the excitement. Perhaps opt for battery-operated candles instead.

2. Anchor your Christmas tree

Or consider using a pet gate so your pet doesn’t have easy access to it. Both dogs and cats can be very intrigued by Christmas trees. 

3. Don’t decorate the bottom layer of the Christmas tree

If you don’t have a pet gate to protect your tree, think about leaving the bottom layer without decorations to ensure your pet doesn’t eat or get tangled in the ornaments, tinsel or lights. 

4. Keep wrapped gifts out your pet's reach

The wrapping around your presents may end-up ruined. The paper can also cause your doggy upset stomachs and blockages.

5. Say no to table scraps

As tempting as it is, don’t feed your doggy table scraps as they can cause pancreatitis. Chocolate, avocados and alcohol should also be kept well out of reach.

6. Only choose toys that are made for pets

Children’s toys and other products can contain substances that are toxic for dogs and are not designed for chewing.

7. Provide a safe space for your pet during holiday gatherings

If your pet is afraid of strangers or isn’t comfortable with others in their space, provide a safe room for them to retreat during gatherings.

8. Keep new flowers and plants in a suitable location

Holiday plants and flowers look lovely, but they can also attract curious felines. Ensure your cat can't chew on the leaves or knock over the plants. 

9. Try to keep a normal schedule (if possible)

Dogs thoroughly enjoy routine, so maintaining a regular walking, eating and sleeping schedule will keep them happy.

10. Dress up your pets, only if they like it 

Yes, pets look adorable in their Christmas outfits. However, sometimes they don't enjoy dressing up. It can actually cause them stress.

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