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Does your best friend enjoy social and active environments? Have you ever wondered what your buddy gets up to when you’re at work or out for the day?

Wouldn’t it be great to head off for the day knowing your dog will be having the time of their life? Then Beau’s Doggy Daycare is the place for your pooch!

Beau’s Doggy Daycare is based on the latest and most up to date scientific research from around the world. Our daycare routine is managed similarly to child daycare and we ensure that we take into consideration each pup’s personality and breed traits, energy levels, learning history and social development amongst other things.

Our fun filled daycare is managed via reward based handling and training techniques. We use up to date methodologies including music, scent, surface enrichment, aromatherapy, rest time, and mental and physical enrichment such as agility, play, toys and training in both our indoor and outdoor play areas.

Beau’s Doggy Daycare, for dogs who love being social! Talk to our knowledgeable team about your pooch’s suitability to Doggy Daycare.