DayCare & DayStay

Beau’s Pet Hotel launched Beau’s Pet Hotel DayCare in November 2018. Beau’s is a convenient location to drop your dog off on your way to work, if you just have a busy day and don’t want to leave them by themselves, or out in the weather. We welcome first-time daycare clients as well as those who want to try somewhere new.

Our DayCare offers three types of services, including half days, full days and extended days, which can be purchased individually but more preferably can be purchased in our 5, 10 and 20-day packages. We have 4 permanently staffed, full enclosed and purpose built pens, created purely for our daycare dogs to ensure safety, comfort and most importantly, fun! Beau’s Pet Hotel DayCare also offers a unique ‘DayStay’ option. We have 20 suites available, and we highly recommend this offering for dogs that prefer their own company and space, show a little anxiety, or just love one-on-one time with our staff.

All dogs will be temperament tested on their first DayCare visit. Temperament tests allow us to see your dog’s suitability to DayCare as well as the types of dogs they’d get along with.

Beau’s Pet Hotel DayCare is a state of the art facility, offering the BEST daycare service in Adelaide. Our facility has constant air temperature that is tested and cycles 12 times every hour.

You can leave Beau’s knowing that your dog is in a safe and clean environment with ample opportunity for play, as well as rest time in our quiet kennels.

Get in touch with us on 8115 6080 to chat about your dog’s suitability and to book their spot!

Operating times: 7:30am – 6:30pm Monday-Friday.

*Our boarding services are in the same facility, so if for some reason you are held up or delayed, we can board your dog overnight.