Pamper your pooch with a luxurious grooming session at Beau’s Pet Hotel's Grooming salon. Our qualified Grooming Stylist will work with you personally to ensure your best friend receives the best groom suited to both you and your dog’s requirements.

We cater to all of your buddy’s pampering needs from full grooms to tidy ups or a bath and dry.


Our Grooming Stylist uses reward based training techniques throughout your pooch’s groom to ensure they enjoy the experience and can’t wait to visit again! We know it’s often hard to keep up a grooming schedule at home so our Stylist will work with you to develop an easy home maintenance program to keep your pup’s coat in mint condition.

Beau’s uses only the best, luscious products to ensure your pooch is pampered with the most suitable shampoo, conditioner and colognes for their coat and skin type. And if your vet has recommended a specific treatment shampoo for your dog, we are happy to follow the vet’s treatment plan for you.

We can’t wait to see you and your dog at Beau’s Pet Hotel!

Beaus Grooming and Dayspa

Cater for all breeds

We don’t only cater to the pure breeds. We absolutely love to bring out the character of those with a “unique” heritage. The joy of creating their cute little faces is our specialty!

Genuine love of dogs

Here at Beau’s we have a genuine love of all things dogs. We truly want your dog to feel special during their stay. It’s not just a haircut to us, it’s a pampering and an opportunity for your dog to feel special. It’s all about them and they love it!

No rushing

There is no rushing your dog’s haircut here, we take the time for lots of love and pampering so your dog loves their experience in our Grooming salon.

During their makeover we give them treats and lots of praise, so it is a fun and exciting experience for them.

We take the time to give them what we call the “Wow factor”. When you and your friends see your pooch after their groom it’s a “Wow! He looks awesome!”

We cater for the unique character of each and every dog, enabling us to groom young puppies to the most senior dog, as they are able to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.


At Beau’s our aim every day is to provide you with a safe, caring, clean and comfortable environment for your dog to get pampered for a day, with a hairdo to strut their stuff around the local park. Let us help your dog stand out in a crowd.


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Beau's Pet Hotel would like to thank Jacqueline Phan, Renee Diprose, Aiden Smith and Jordana Mansfield for producing this amazing video for us.