Animal Medication

The health and well-being of your pet are paramount to our staff at Beau’s Pet Hotel. This factsheet is to inform your responsibilities and the requirements of providing medication to be administered by Beau’s Pet Hotel during your pet’s stay.

Medication Labels

Medication must be brought in the original packaging with the original vet label or letter. This label must include the following information:

  • Name of medication
  • Date prescribed
  • Dosage of medication
  • Vet Name and contact details

If your pet currently receives a different dose than the prescribed instruction on the packet, please visit your vet for an updated label. Medication must come in its original form (not dispersed in food) as this can diminish the effectiveness of the medication.
Beaus Pet Hotel reserves the right to refuse your pet if medication isn’t properly labeled, in its original packaging or if the actual dosage differs from the instruction on the packet.

Medication Dose Charge

You will be charged per dose of medication required during your pet’s stay and the price can be quoted at the time of booking.

Medication Instructions

If your pet has a medical condition where administration of medication is symptomatic i.e. lameness or itching, please ask your vet to print out information regarding their condition and clear dosage instructions should Beau’s Pet Hotel need to start treatment.


As the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure there is an ample supply of medication for the length of your pet’s stay at Beau’s Pet Hotel. We ask that you supply more medication than required just in case their stay in increased due to unforeseen circumstances.
If your pet’s medication runs out during their stay our Customer Service team will contact you to advise of the situation, and we will replenish the medication at your expense (including travel and labor costs).

Expiry Dates

As the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the medication you supply has not expired. If the medication supplied has expired, it will NOT be administered. If your pet’s medication expires during their stay our Concierge team will contact you to advise you of the situation, and we will replace the medication at your expense (including travel and labour costs).


Any dietary supplements such as fish oil, glucosamine, etc are welcome and are considered medication and subject to all terms and conditions of other medications.

Medication Forms

At check-in, our Animal Attendant Team Leader will discuss your pet's medication and requirements. You will then be required to sign a medication form stating that you authorise Beau’s Pet Hotel to administer the prescribed medication at the dose written on the form. Please allow extra time at check-in as it is a vital part of our check-in process and can take some time if your animal has multiple medications.