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September 19th, 2018 09:48

In our first year of operation, we focussed on our boarding and grooming facilities, where we have earned trust from our clients and a place in many South Australian family’s hearts. Our state of the art facilities ensure comfort and safety for all Beau’s Pet Hotel guests, whether they are boarding, having a groom and soon, at daycare!

What sets us apart? Beau’s Pet Hotel Day Care is all about the quality of care for your dogs, which is why we follow a daily schedule (for play and rest) and ensure that all dogs will be allocated into appropriate groups for playtime and activities. Every dog will have time in our ‘quiet kennels’ but we also have 20 of these kennels that can be booked as DayStay for selective pets, that might be nervous or just prefer their own company. These aspects contribute to just one part of what differentiates Beau’s Pet Hotel DayCare from other daycare services. A major element that sets us apart is the way we give back to Guide Dogs; all profits made at Beau’s Pet Hotel (and associated services) are given directly back to Guide Dogs, helping to provide services to South Australian’s living with a disability.

A little bit more about Beau’s Pet Hotel DayCare:

Our DayCare Facilities

  • Our Facilities are the most modern and state of the art in the southern hemisphere.
  • Our spacious day care facilities provides the perfect indoor playground that is safe, secure and fitted with hospital grade anti-slip flooring that is fully cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Our entire facility is fully air conditioned to keep cool during summer and comfortable during winter. The ventilation system recycles the air 12 times in an hour, so your dog breathes in clean air.

Loving Animal Attendants

  • Our Animal Attendants are not only well-trained dog professionals, but they’re also dog enthusiasts who look forward to spending the day surrounded by our four-legged guests. Every dog is loved and cared for as if they were at home with you.

Personalised Care

  • Beaus DayCare isn’t an overcrowded facility, our staff will know your dog’s name.
  • Each dog is temperament tested and allocated into a pen with similar dogs, who will play with each other all day, aside from rest time.
  • We understand every dog is different (much like people) and we cater for those dogs who want more play and those who just want to relax.
  • We have a close relationship with all of our dogs and are able to do that because we limit the number of dogs in our day care program.
  • Your dog is going to get what they need when they spend the day at Beau’s Pet Hotel DayCare.

We are so excited for our daycare facilities to open on the 5th of November, for any queries please call 8115 6080 and follow the instructions, otherwise you can also contact us at

For more information click here.

See you soon!

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