Beau's Pet Hotel shines on Sunrise

October 25th, 2017 09:32

Beau's Pet Hotel was pleased to host the Channel 7 Sunrise Program recently

Weather presenter and declared cat lover Sam Mac got the inside look from the cat atrium, met Gertie in her VIP suite and even rolled his sleeves up to wash Jet. A busy morning!

Enjoy our gallery of photos and if you missed a segment here's the video clips.

5.45 am Sam Mac is at Beau's Pet Hotel in Adelaide.

6.10 am All pet hotel profits go to Guide Dogs

6.38 am Sam Mac let loose in the cat atrium

7.10 am The dogs get their own water feature

7.35 am Sam Mac has found his spirit animal

8.10 am Sam Mac's cat dials into Beau's Pet Hotel

8.35 am Sam Mac pampers a pooch

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