Keeping your dog amused no matter the weather.

September 8th, 2017 16:37

Are you and your pooch over the long wet winter and itching for playtime to ease the boredom?

While the spring rains keep on coming and it’s still cold outside, indoor games are a fun way to exercise canine body and mind – and bond with you!

Here are 10 Beau’s tips for indoor games to try out.

  1. Play hide & seek – Get your dog to stay and then hide all over the house with a pocket full of treats. When treats are finished, say “all done!” – a good command to signal the game is over.
  2. Play find the treat – find the kibble. Hide treats under furniture (easy to get to), in corners of the room.
  3. If you have a long hallway play fetch or catch the ball or rope toy with multiple members of family
  4. Up and down the stairs – good for you and good for your fur baby
  5. Up and over, down and under – along the passage way – set up boxes, ottomans and suitable chairs and tables for an obstacle course.
  6. Tug of war with a rope toy – don’t forget the “release” command (and reward)
  7. Food or treat dispensing toys - Kong stuffed with treats – peanut butter with kibble is great.
  8. Teach a new trick – roll over, high five, shake the paw, take a bow.
  9. Reinforce the basics – sit, stand, stay – practicing good obedience never goes astray.
  10. Teach your dog to respond to a clicker when they have done the right thing.

At Beau’s Pet Hotel we have both inside and outside runs so your pet has exercise and mental stimulation no matter the weather.

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