Our top 10 tips for preparing your pet for boarding

August 22nd, 2017 15:49


We want you to feel good about leaving your precious pets at Beau’s while you’re away, so check out our 10 top tips to help you and your furkids prepare for their stay with us.

1. Make Beau's a familiar environment.

Start with a short, rewarding visit for you and your furkid. Come and meet the Beau’s team, enjoy the accessible areas of our facility, reward your pet with a treat and ask questions. This way you and your furkid arrive and depart together – a great introduction!

2. Packing nerves!

Many furkids feel anxious when the routine changes and the packing starts. They can pick up on your cues – particularly the older, wiser ones. When the suitcases come out they may very well know that separation follows and start to fret or hide. Consider packing your suitcases after you’ve brought your furbaby to Beau’s.

A generous spray of pheromones (hours or even days before boarding) on blankets, in travel crates and in the car will also help – Beau’s recommends Feliway for cats and Adaptil for dogs.

3. Make sure vaccinations are up-to-date

Beau’s requires all guests to be up-to-date with their vaccinations. Ask your vet if your pet is due for any shots and we recommend doing this 1 month prior to boarding. Dogs require a C5 vaccination; Cats a F3 vaccination.

And don’t forget those worm and flea treatments. Whether you use monthly or three monthly pills, chews, liquid applied to the skin or annual injections – make sure worm and flea treatments are up to date. Pack your preferred treatment if it will be due while you’re away – Beau’s caring team will administer.

4. Carriers for your cat

The only safe way to transport your special feline friend is in a cat carrier.

Leave the carrier open and on the floor in your house so your cat can explore it on their own terms. Be sure to spray Feliway pheromones into the carrier and blankets – to help calm the nerves.

5. Bring familiar items

Your pet may feel more at ease with one or two familiar items around. By all means bring the favourite blanket or toy – but we do provide toys, bedding and a range of bed types to suit. Don’t go overboard with over packing. Things may get lost and we can’t accommodate a trunk load of toys. Remember - less is best – there’s plenty at Beau’s to keep them entertained.

6. Pack the pet food

It’s always best for pets to eat their normal food while boarding. Prepare daily portions in small bags with the appropriate serving size and label. Write out feeding instructions, particularly if it’s a special diet. Don’t forget to supply a few extra meals just in case your return is delayed.

7. Bring medication

If your pet has medication bring it in the original labelled container with detailed written instructions. Make sure you supply an extra few days’ medication just in case your return is delayed.

Visit your veterinarian – it’s a good idea to schedule a check-up for your pet within 30 days of its stay at Beau’s, especially if your she/he has chronic ailments or is senior.

8. Unusual habits or worries

Let the Beau’s team know of any unusual habits or fears that your pet may have, e.g. if your pooch is prone to anxiety, fear aggression or barking. At Beau’s we do our best to handle these issues and help your pet settle and be happy during their stay.

9. Make your goodbye QUICK! ...

On arrival at Beau’s, take your furkid from the car to the reception on their lead or in their carrier. Our Team will complete your pet’s check in and then quickly get them settled into their new surroundings.

When you say goodbye don’t make a big scene, giving them a long goodbye or shedding tears. Your pet will react to your energy so try to remain cheerful and calm as you’re leaving. This will help a stress-free transition.

10. Keep in touch

If you start to feel anxious about your pet while you’re away, feel free to give us a call to ask how they are getting on. The Beau’s Team are used to speaking to concerned owners and will be happy to give you an update on your pet’s progress.

Alternatively, connect with your pet via a Skype call and be reassured about how happy they are. Talk with the qualified team member taking care of your pampered pet and keep up-to-date with their holiday news.

Boarding at Beau’s can actually be a fun experience where your furkid gets to meet and play with new people and fur friends.

Remember – absence makes the heart grow fonder … so just think of what your reunion will be like when you’re finally back together!

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