Watch out for grass seeds!

October 6th, 2017 08:35

Spring is here at that means great weather and our pets are out and about more. The grass is growing and bringing out the grass seeds!

Those pesky grass seeds can cause a lot of problems for your pooch if they get into their ears, nose, paws, eyes and coat. The ones with pointy ends (see photo below) can even burrow under the skin and cause internal damage. Because of their dart-like shape they burrow one way and can’t come out – a bit like a fish hook!

Check out Beau’s top 10 tips for getting through the grass seed season.

  1. Avoid letting your dog run through grass where there’s lots of grass seeds.
  2. Stop them sniffing and putting their heads into grass seed areas.
  3. Keep the lawn at home mowed to stop grass turning to seed.
  4. Check their paws, ears, eyes and coats if they’ve been in long grass.
  5. Check them over when you return home from your walk
  6. Pick away any grass seeds you can easily see and remove.
  7. Groom your pooch regularly – particularly long coated breeds
  8. Check for any unusual swellings or irritations – a grass seed may have burrowed beneath the skin
  9. Seek veterinary attention if your pet is:
  • Shaking head excessively or has a head tilt – there could be grass seeds in the ears
  • Violently sneezing – there could be a grass seed up the nose
  • Excessively licking of paws – a grass seed may have burrowed its way into the skin between the toes
  • Excessively scratching in the same area
  • Has irritated eyes or closed eyes.
  1. Remember prevention is better than cure!

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