Meet the Beau's front of house team

August 2nd, 2017 08:58

Say hello to our front of house team at Beau’s – Sara, Gaby and Sherise. They have a wealth of experience, have their own fur kids and just can’t wait to meet you!

Sara and Sherise are our two concierges who will welcome your pets to Beau’s – and give them a pat as they go home with you (and bid them au revoir!)

Sara (left of photo) started out as a florist owning her own shop and has been a dog groomer and worked in a veterinary clinic. She’s been a house-sitter for people’s animals and knows how important it is to build trust. The family cat George sleeps on her bed and she’s often out walking Stubby the family Blue Heeler.

She knows the bond between owner and pet; having to say farewell to her beloved 13-year old Boxer Cassie: “She was everything to me and I miss her.”

Sara is excited about her role at Beau’s bringing together her love of customer service and pets.

“The fact that Beau’s is run by Guide Dogs means a lot to me,” Sara says. “Knowing that ultimately I am making a difference to the community in providing a service where profits are going to help people is special.”

When you meet Sara she’ll have a new hairstyle; her long locks are being chopped for a good cause soon – she’s donating her hair to the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation as a fundraiser.

Sherise (right of photo) has extensive experience in doggy day care and dog grooming and has always had a passion for animal care and animal behaviour.

She’s owned two dogs, and is currently the proud owner of a Staffy/Sharpei Cross: “She’s a beautiful angel; she’s my world and my best friend.

Sherise is looking forward to her prominent role at Beau’s.

“There is definitely a high demand for professional animal care in the Adelaide metropolitan area,” she says. “I believe this is something that we really need and there is nothing else like it. It is my dream job.”

Gaby (centre of photo) has a central role at Beau’s as the Operations Manager, coming to us with an Honours Degree in Animal and Veterinary Biosciences. She has vast experience in the retail sector with a major national pet shop chain as national services manager. She has experience in pet adoption and dog training.

The love of her life is little Gertie the Chihuahua who was rescued from her life as a brood mother at a puppy farm. Gaby has put in many loving hours so Gertie now feels safe and secure around people well away from her former life. She’ll be helping Gaby run Beau’s from her snug pet bed in Gaby’s office.

At home there’s two rescue cats at home: “all living the life of luxury.”

Gaby is excited about developing Beaus from start up to success and is looking forward to contributing to such an important innovation in the Not for Profit sector, particularly with Beau’s having a huge focus on animal comfort and welfare.

Behind Gaby, Sara and Sherise is a whole team of kennel attendants, groomers and other staff to ensure the best experience for the guests.

Beau’s opens on Monday 28 August. No need to wait bookings already open.

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