Pampered pet grooming at Beau's

August 9th, 2017 11:49

Don’t you just love it when you’ve been to the hairdresser and your hair is fresh, feels soft and luxurious and that head massage has made you all dreamy and relaxed.

At Beau’s, your doggy furkid can get the “just pampered” feeling in our grooming salon – and they don’t even have to be staying there.

Meet Suzanne who’s been a groomer for more than 30 years. She loves her furballs Pebbles and Peanut and is looking forward to pampering your pet just like her own.

At Beau’s we’ll be using the best top quality shampoo products from Pet Esthé which Suzanne says will leave your doggies’ coat shiny and soft and smelling beautiful.

Grooming is good for doggies to keep the coat nourished, looking and feeling great, as well as bonding with your pet - who doesn’t like cuddling a freshly groomed furkid!

It’s great for checking on skin and ear conditions and if there’s any lumps and bumps that need attention.

She’s an expert in all styles and clips for every dog breed and for cross breed dogs, Suzanne will bring out his or her character.

As well as toy poodles Pebbles and Peanut, Suzanne has three cats – two ragdolls Chanel and Jack and a moggie Kristie who is 18 years old.

Growing up on a farm at Monarto, she’s always loved animals and her mother used to put into Show pretty well most animals on the farm – goats, horses, dogs and cats,

“We used to joke that if we were better looking mum would show us too!” Suzanne laughs.

Pebbles and Peanut love getting mum’s expert treatment and they often strut around afterwards with an air of: You know, we think we are pretty stylish!

Suzanne can’t wait to meet your pet and ensure they are groomed with care and compassion. (We think she’ll definitely have a cuddle).

Bookings: telephone 08 8115 6080 for sessions from Monday 28 August 2017.

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