We're up and running!

August 28th, 2017 10:40

The big day is here! Beau’s Pet Hotel is open for business and our guests are settling in well. We can’t wait to see you and your furry friends.

We know you want to see inside. Check out our photo gallery and you can also book a tour of Beau’s to see this amazing facility for yourself. Tours run Monday to Friday 12 pm and 1 pm. Call us on 8115 6080 to book.

The climate-controlled facility has 262 standard and luxury rooms with three choices of standard or luxury accommodation available for dogs: classic, deluxe or premier rooms, and two options for cats: loft or penthouse condo.

The classic dog suite will have plenty of room to move, soothing music, and tempered glass doors and viewing panels means dogs won’t feel hemmed in. Deluxe suites are the alternative for pooches that need a little more privacy, being housed in a private wing and featuring creature comforts of home like a large screen TV and luxury bed. The Premier suites have a spacious suite, private covered and enclosed courtyard and access to an outdoor play yard complete with water feature.

For cats, the loft condo has a private litter box, soothing music and secluded sleeping area, and the penthouse offers a two-storey condo with plenty of room to stretch out and explore their home away from home.

There’s also various add-ons available for fur-kids staying at Beau’s including the ability for owners to Skype their pets to check on how they are enjoying their stay.

And best of all by supporting Beau’s you’ll be helping Guide Dogs SA help fund services for people living with disability. We thinks that’s pawsome!


  • An important social enterprise owned and operated by Guide Dogs SA. Profits will be used to help fund services for people living with disability.
  • Beau’s Pet Hotel is named after Beau, the first officially trained Guide Dog in Australia. His legacy of trusted care will live on at Beau’s.
  • Beau’s is big – the size of four Olympic swimming pools.
  • Local South Australian architect and builder: Walter Brooke and Associates/Kennett.
  • 262 luxury and standard rooms for dogs and cats. (200 for dogs and 62 for cats)
  • Three tiers of dog rooms: classic, deluxe and premier.
  • Two tiers of cat condos: loft and penthouse
  • Extensive indoor and outdoor enclosures where pets can run and play.
  • A water wall for cats to dab.
  • Luxury suites have televisions for doggy guests and a lounge area. Owners can arrange a Skype call to make sure their fur kids are enjoying their holidays.
  • Outdoor grassed Central Bark play area with water fountain for frolicking with 10 different water patterns.
  • Soothing, relaxing music played throughout the facility.
  • Suites have tempered glass frontage, epoxy and hospital-grade vinyl flooring, minimising stress and noise.
  • Dogs that live together can stay together at Beau’s.
  • Aqua-air wet/dry vacuum, providing an exceptional cleaning system.
  • The quality air purification system has an air refresh rate of 12 times per hour.
  • Like any hotel, pet owners can access grooming services without having to stay there.
  • Doggy daycare being introduced soon.
  • Dog training sessions will be introduced from February next year.
  • Beau’s currently employs 21 staff, with up to 50 staff to be employed by year three.
  • The building has an eye to expansion with space for stage two already laid out.
  • Prices start from $44 per night for dogs and $23 per night for cats.
  • Pet owners will be able to book an inspection which will be available at 12 noon and 1 pm Monday to Friday. Bookings essential.
  • Beau’s is being launched in Guide Dogs SA’s 60th year, linking our heritage with our future.

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