DayCare/DayStay FAQ

Beau's Pet Hotel Frequently Asked Questions


What DayCare options are available?

We offer a variety of DayCare options to best fit the needs of you and your pet. You can find more on our Daycare options at here.

Can I buy a package?
Yes.  Details of our available packages can be found here.

What are your DayCare opening hours?
You can check-in and check-out between 7:30am and 6:30pm Monday to Friday.

What is temperament testing?
All dogs will be temperament tested on their first DayCare visit which allows us to see your dog’s suitability to as well as the types of dogs they’d get along with. This is a behavioural test with our trained staff to ensure the safest environment for your pet while in Daycare. More information on temperament testing can be found here.

What playgroups are offered?
We offer a variety of playgroups to cater to the many personalities, sizes, and energy levels we find in DayCare dogs. Temperament testing allows us to find the best suited environments for your pet to have the greatest experience.

Can my dog play in multiple playgroups?
Yes. Depending on size, activity levels, and temperament testing a dog may be suited for multiple DayCare groups. Temperament testing will allow us to find every environment your dog will enjoy in our DayCare program.

Can my dog have a groom while in DayCare?

Absolutely! When booking your DayCare just let us know you are interested in a groom during your pet's stay. Grooming prices can be found here.

Do we accept all dogs?
Not all dogs are suitable for DayCare environments. More information on DayCare restrictions can be found here.  

What is the difference between DayStay and DayCare?
DayCare involves a day full of socializing with similar dogs. Our program also includes rest time in a private quiet kennel before heading back to play with all their new friends.
DayStay is designed for dogs that prefer not to interact with other dogs. DayStay includes a private dedicated kennel for your dog to relax along with time allocated for multiple breaks in our outdoor play yards.

Are vaccinations required?
Yes. Dogs require a C5 vaccination. We recommend they receive this one month before checking in and no less than 14 days prior to check in. Full vaccination requirements can be found in clause 4 of our Terms and Conditions.

Why does my dog have to be desexed?
Adult dogs in DayCare are required by law to be desexed. More information on our desexing policy can be found here.

What happens if a dog becomes aggressive?
Our Daycare staff are trained to notice any potentially aggressive behaviors. Immediate action will be taken, which may include removal from DayCare.

What happens if a dog becomes sick or injured?
We ask that if your pet has shown any signs of illness they not be brought into DayCare. Trained staff monitors each DayCare pen closely and will take any necessary actions if any illness or injury were to occur. You or your emergency contact will immediately be notified if any instances occur.

Can I bring my dog’s favorite toy?
Unfortunately no toys will be allowed in DayCare. More information about toys and other restrictions can be found here.

Is food included?
Food will not be included in DayCare for adult dogs. Puppies may require a midday meal which owners may provide. Information on DayCare restrictions can be found here.

What are your payment options?
We accept cash on checkout and EFTPOS.