About Beau's

Naturally, we're dog people!  We love cats too! 

At Beau's Pet Hotel we understand how important it is to leave your best friend with experienced professionals who love and care for your pet – someone you can trust. 

Beau’s is the first-of-its-kind pet boarding facility in the Adelaide metropolitan area where puppies and dogs can indulge in temperature controlled accommodation with all the creature comforts of home, and access to on-call vet 7 days a week.

Our guests benefit from trusted and professional care. Our qualified staff have exceptional skills, knowledge and a genuine love of dogs and cats. Your pet’s safety, comfort and wellbeing is our highest priority. 

Beau's offers the unique advantage of being located adjacent to the Adelaide Airport on the south side of Harbour Town in Adelaide, South Australia. 

All profits from Beau’s are directed back to Guide Dogs, so when you book your beloved pets for a holiday at Beau's, you are helping to provide more services to South Australians living with disability.